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How often the knee pain is caused in winter?

Time:2018-01-29 17:19
In winter, because of the cold (especially persistent cold and huge temperature contrast), it can cause muscle and vasoconstriction, causing joint pain. So in the winter, joint pain significantly increased the crowd.
Knee pain
Recently, many patients have been plagued by a variety of joint pain, Henan Kangdi plaster manufacturers listed several causes of knee pain, hoping to give you some help.
1, physiological pain
Mainly for young people, this is because a large part of young people to wear less (or wearing a cracked beggar knee clothing), so that the original muscle and fat less joints at the lack of protection, cold weather or temperature After the fall, local blood vessels and muscle contraction, resulting in temporary joint muscles and soft tissue ischemic injury, causing pain.
2, osteoarthritis
The main symptoms of pain, soreness, discomfort, occurred in the activities (up and down stairs), ease after the rest, with the progress of the disease can be gradually walking and squatting difficulties, early morning instability, stand a while before Move. Most occurred after the age of 40, with little change in the environment, mainly involving the affected articular subchondral bone sclerosis, cystic degeneration, osteophyte edge of the joint formation, involvement of joint space narrowing.
3, rheumatism
Rheumatism is a recurrent systemic connective tissue inflammation caused by the infection of hemolytic streptococcus B, which mainly affects the joints, heart, skin and subcutaneous tissue, and knee pain is involved. Rheumatoid arthritis mainly involves knee, knee and elbow wrist and other large joints, was migratory, multiple, local may have swelling and pain performance. Recurrent pain, with the weather is cold and rainy weather changes and aggravate.
4, rheumatoid arthritis
80% of patients with onset age between 35-50 years old, mainly as morning stiffness (morning after the joints and joints around the stiff sense of time lasted more than 1 hour), joint pain was symmetrical, walkable, first occurred in the wrist Joints, knuckles, metacarpophalangeal joints, proximal interphalangeal joints, gradually developed into the toes, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows and other joints. Late deformity can occur.
Kangdi chili plaster  factory in Henan remind everyone in the winter must pay attention to keep warm to prevent the damage caused by the cold.
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