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How to use capsicum plaster?

Time:2018-02-27 15:23
Capsicum plaster is a unique method of external treatment. Capsicum plaster can be called a thin paste, is added with capsaicin plus boiled gelatin, painted cloth, paper or skin side, a long time affixed to the affected area or a specific acupuncture points, play swelling and pain relief, pulling poison The role of muscle, but also remove cold, and qi and blood, through the meridians.
Exercise or labor if you inadvertently cause muscle contusion or joint, ligament strain, do not immediately use the treatment of traumatic injury plaster. Most of these capsicum plaster through the promotion of blood circulation, to achieve analgesic, swelling, silt purpose. Human tissue damage, there will be an immediate inflammatory response, local slowly swelling, and then oppression nerve pain, this reaction can reach its peak in 24 hours. In the meantime paste pain cream, the role of blood circulation will accelerate the local blood circulation, leading to increased intravascular exudate fluid, increase local swelling and pain. The correct approach is, after the injured 24 hours use the plaster.
Stick capsicum plaster before the skin should be wiped with a hot towel wipe, if there is hair to be shaved, to avoid affecting the capsicum plaster paste fastness. After determining the location of the lesion, capsicum plaster center should be affixed to the lesion center. Stick peppers before paste, rub the skin with ginger, the effect is better.
Ginger taste Xin Wen, external friction can make the blood vessels to expand, accelerate blood circulation, prompting the pores open, so that the active ingredients in pepper paste more quickly, fully into the lesion site. Wipe the skin with ginger, but also play an anti-allergic effect, to prevent patch parts appear pruritus, rash and other allergies. It should be noted that, with ginger wipe, and more for the treatment of cold symptoms of pepper before use.
When the weather is cold, the capsicum plaster is not easy to stick to, you can use the hot water bag to apply, so that it can paste firmly and enhance the therapeutic effect. Skin itching, burning, stinging, should stop sticking. A capsicum plaster do not paste the past 24 hours, a long time, pepper paste will not only fail, but also the skin is not good.

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