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Why paste capsicum plaster will feel hot?

Time:2018-02-22 15:58
Capsicum  plaster which contains capsaicin and other ingredients, is designed to Qufeng use. Capsicum  plaster can also relieve muscle soreness.Why paste capsicum plaster will feel hot?
Plaster contains irritating drugs, the skin has a burning sensation. Everyone's skin is different, may also be allergic phenomenon, before using the pepper paste can be tested first, if there is allergy to stop using.
Topical swelling analgesic patches generally have to use skin irritating ingredients such as drugs:chilli,  ginger, turpentine, winter green oil and so on. Its purpose is to expand the capillaries, conducive to other blood components into the blood. The sensation of heat during the use of capsicum  paste is caused by these ingredients.
capsicum plaster