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Magnetic therapy patch Advantages

Time:2018-05-21 17:14
Magnetic therapy patch produced by Henan Kandi are developed based on the characteristics of different bone diseases. They have good treatment for frozen shoulder, bruises, bone hyperplasia, rheumatic arthritis, lumbar disc herniation, cervical spondylosis, etc. effect. The main advantages of the product are breathable and sweat-resistant, no irritation to the skin, no pollution to clothing, high drug content, and low allergy rate. Today, we will introduce the advantages and characteristics of far-infrared magnetotherapy pastes compared to ordinary plasters.
Ordinary plasters use high-temperature extraction of drugs and high temperature booths. The active ingredients of the drug are evaporated at high temperature and lost, and the curative effect is reduced. The company's products adopt low-temperature extraction and booth coating to ensure the stability of the drug components and reduce the loss of the drug components, thereby greatly improving the efficacy of the product. In addition, with the far-infrared ceramic powder on the sustained efficacy of the human body to ensure the efficacy of the durability.
Ordinary adhesive plaster is made of rubber, gasoline, zinc oxide, etc., as a matrix, so that it has a high allergy rate, a drop in viscosity, a small drug package capacity; and far-infrared magnetic therapy paste is improved using pressure-sensitive adhesive, using a unique process to make it Drug compatibility, which greatly reduces the allergy rate, increased drug content, make it a great increase in viscosity and efficacy.
Nearly a thousand cases of clinical cases verified by thousands of specialist hospitals have shown that magnetic therapy patch not only avoid the toxic and side effects of internal medicine, but also overcome the defects of common topical medicines that are difficult to transdermal. They have the effect of sustained energy release, and are highly efficient and safe. Compared with other products, it can quickly relieve pain, relieve sputum, reduce inflammation, reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, and improve the body's metabolic function. It has successfully achieved the external treatment of magnetic pain.
Microporous ventilation: It is the latest international medical special anti-allergic non-woven bottom layer, ensuring breathability, human skin can breathe naturally, water vapor and sweat can also be discharged in time.
Low-sensitivity adhesiveness: The chance of skin allergy is reduced, its viscosity is very stable, and it is not easy to fall off. It is especially suitable for people who love sports and love sweating. Soft and comfortable, no sweating, safe and reliable.
Exquisite packaging, high cost performance, price concessions, large operating space. Applicable to all levels of hospitals, clinics, chain pharmacies.
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