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External use of capsicum plaster notes

Time:2018-05-14 18:14
Many people know that capsicum plaster  is an essential external medicine in the family medicine kit. Commonly used anti-inflammatory analgesic, Shujinhuoxue plasters, through the transdermal absorption, direct role in the pain area, treatment of rheumatism, joint pain, muscle pain, sprains, contusion and other diseases, the efficacy of oral medication is better. However, it should be noted that there is still a lot of precautions in the ointment pharmacy processing OEM manufacturers, but it is not simply affixed.
When we put the  capsicum plaster on, if it feels itchy skin, we can remove the plaster, wipe it with alcohol or itching powder, and then paste it after it disappears. If allergies such as pimples and blisters appear on the top of the skin, remove the plaster immediately and keep the skin dry and clean to prevent infection. The plaster should be peeled off after 12 hours, allowing the skin to breathe, and then re-applying new ones.
If you have ever experienced muscle pain or soreness in the past, then you have probably used an analgesic cream or  capsicum plaster before.
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I like it becasue it does what I am expected it to do.I can feel the heat in the plaster/patch penetrating my bones, uncomfortable but I a feeling pretty good now.More person found this helpful.

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