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Will you choose chili plaster when you are in pain?

Time:2017-11-13 15:35
Traumatic injuries occur in life, joint pain, the situation is not serious, people often think of the top of the wound paste topical pepper paste to treat and relieve pain. Many people choose chili plaster mainly because the chili plaster easy to use. Pepper paste contains pepper extract, specialized blood circulation, a significant effect. Capsicum plaster is able to choose one of the topical paste, then chili plaster the effect of it?
Joint pain in Chinese medicine are limb pain, swelling and pain in the joints, arthralgia, gout and other diseases. Modern medicine that joint pain is mainly due to arthritis or arthrosis. Pepper paste with blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect of expansion of the role of local blood vessels. Commonly used in the treatment of joint sprains and cold pain caused by joints.
Chili plaster for light brown sheet rubber, the main ingredients are pepper flow extract, belladonna flow extract, peppermint oil, methyl salicylate, camphor, iodine, potassium iodide, diphenhydramine hydrochloride. Accessories for: rubber, zinc oxide. Use chili plaster affixed to the affected area. One at a time for 12 hours, once a day. Not long-term or large-scale use. If the skin after treatment if itching, rash and other allergic phenomena, should be immediately disabled, in serious cases seek medical treatment.
When the body aches when we can choose according to their own situation, usually pay more attention to exercise, to maintain a healthy body. Although chili plaster can help relieve pain, it can cause physical pain if you are too tired.

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