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Can I use capsicum plaster when my shoulder hurts?

Time:2018-03-05 15:07
When joint pain, rheumatism, neck, shoulder, back and leg pain occur, many people choose to stick capsicum plaster to ease and treat. A few days ago, Mr. Lee suddenly sore arm, and even posted a 3-day capsicum plaster, pain did not ease. Wang Daguang, director of Huaiyang Kongdy Chinese Medicine Hospital, pointed out: "It is okay to stick plaster pain points, but sometimes the pain points will be hidden. You can not just sting at pain points when plaster is applied."
For example, pain caused by cervical spondylosis, some people may have a sore arm, shoulder. At this point, if only posted on the arm, shoulder and other parts, and can not solve the root cause, the correct method should be found on the cervical tenderness point. In addition to finding the right pain point, when plaster paste also under the condition of choice, "pain points on the side."
Shoulder pain can use capsicum plaste, but the use of capsicum plaster paste is also a certain requirement, can not be random sticking.
Hospital Dean Wang Daguang  suggested that the best place to paste capsicum plaste. The first day at the pain point paste, 10 hours after the win, because the pain will spread around the pain point; 10 hours after the pain point can be attached to the location around the pain , so not only paste the time guarantee, but also does not affect anti-inflammatory , Pain effect.

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