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What are the risks of cervical spondylosis?

Time:2018-06-04 17:50
Cervical spondylosis is a common disease and it is also a bone disease that cannot be easily overlooked.Can I use chilli plaster? Ordinary people may think that using chilli paste to treat cervical spondylosis is good, often can not lead enough attention, do not pay attention to doing some prevention work, so as to aggravate the condition. Today, Kangdi  chilli plaster manufacturers share with you the harm of cervical spondylosis?

Hazard 1: Stroke
According to incomplete statistics from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, more than 90% of patients with stroke have cervical spondylosis. It is fearful that many people do not pay attention. It was only after the stroke that cervical spondylosis induced cerebral nerve compression and caused a stroke.

Hazard II: trip down
It is mainly caused by vertebral artery compression, and many patients who are misdiagnosed as neuromigraine due to lack of attention to cervical health will suffer from cerebral congestion and sudden cataplexy.

Hazard 3: Regular tinnitus or even deafness
Due to compression of the spine, the sympathetic nerve endings of the cervical spine are damaged, resulting in insufficient blood supply and eventually resulting in severe consequences of recurrent tinnitus and even deafness.

Hazard 4: Nervous gastrointestinal disorders
Many people have "stomach ulcers" that are permanently unrecoverable or recurrent. In fact, this phenomenon is caused by nerve gastrointestinal dysfunction caused by vertebral artery blockage in the cervical spine.

This is only part of the harm caused by cervical spondylosis, and our cervical spine has been under too much pressure in our daily life and work. Many people have cervical spondylosis. When the cervical spine is uncomfortable, it is only used  chilli plaster to relieve it.  Chilli plaster can only alleviate the pain caused by cervical spondylosis, but if the cervical spine cannot get a good rest in daily life, it will still cause great trouble.

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